Jane Glasgow
Jane G.
I am very happy I chose Dr. Saferin for my dentist. I have severe anxiety whenever I have a dental appointment but the staff is amazing! As soon as I walk in the door I am greeted by the friendly receptionists who are always smiling & so warm they put me right at ease. The dental staff display the same warm welcoming attitude and they are so careful to ensure my comfort throughout the dental procedure. Dr. Saferin is amazing she takes time to ensure that I understand what needs to be done and why she is gentle and very caring. Dr. Saferin also is very precise and accurate performing the dental work she continually monitors how I am doing to ensure I am alright. The dental staff assisting her also checks in with me. This makes my experience less stressful and after a short while I am able to relax. Everyone in this office offers assistance and create a comfortable environment. I leave this office feeling my anxiety really wasn't warranted because it all went so well!
Jackie J
Jackie J
What a great caring team! A visit always begins with Dina's warm greeting. Donna and Dr. Saferin both take a personal interest and provide great care.
Owen Austin
Owen A.
Lucille Nickerson
Lucille N.
Sharon Mierzwa
Sharon M.
Always so pleasant & capable, Tory & her staff are wonderful, great experience!
Robert Thompson
Robert T.
An attractive and comfortable waiting room, friendly and helpful front desk staff who greet you with warmth, and treatment given by a skilled caring dentist and technical staff all combine to make for a positive dental experience which begins before you even enter the building thanks to a convenient location with ample parking.
Dr. Saferin is highly skilled and professional, but also relates to her patients on a personal level as well. The staff is like a family and the office atmosphere is light, happy and so relaxing. Impossible not to feel at ease even at the dentist!!!
kelsey otero
kelsey O.
Such a relaxing dental experience. Dr. Saferin is attentive, informative, and very patient. Her attention to detail is impeccable. Her staff make you feel right at home as soon as you walk in the door and make certain you leave with a smile on your face. Dr. Saferin's office is unlike one you've ever seen, it's such a joy to be a patient of hers.
Emily Stagg
Emily S.
Dr. Saferin and the team are just wonderful! Everyone will know you by name before long, and greet you like an old friend. They have recently moved into this office and everything is in great shape. (The bathrooms are extra fancy!!) About as relaxing as the dentist can be! Highly recommend!
Patrick Fennell
Patrick F.
I have been very pleased with the care provided by Dr Saferin and her team.
Melissa Matolina
Melissa M.
Excellent experience. The staff are so professional and thorough in their exams. A caring attitude is always present by everyone. Dr. Saferin is the best. She is knowledgeable and has great expertise. An A+ all the way around!!!
Mark Poirier
Mark P.
Dr. Saferin and her staff are caring, engaged and professional. 👍
Vivian Chow
Vivian C.
Karen Harrington
Karen H.
This is a wonderful office. I had been a patient of Dr. Weil’s for 40 years and had a lot of trepidation when Dr. Saferin took over. She provides wonderful care and has an efficient and caring demeanor. I appreciate the new technology that she has brought to the practice.The staff is the best. They are sensitive to the patient’s comfort and take time to get to know you personally.They work extremely well together and make going to the dentist a most positive experience.
Julie Jacques
Julie J.
What a great dental office! From the warm welcome Dina always shows when you get there, to the thorough and expert cleaning Donna provides, and the honest and caring professionalism of Dr Saferin you couldn’t ask for a better dental experience.
susan ahlers
susan A.
Who is happy to go to the dentist? ME. Everyone on staff is so nice and make you feel you are very special. I would love to recommend anyone looking for a dentist!
Cindy Townsend
Cindy T.
Professional staff yet warm, friendly and courteous. Very thorough services with good health in mind.
Nick C
Nick C
I had an issue during the transition period from my previous dentist to Dr. Saferin and I couldn't be more pleased with the professionalism she has shown. Dr. Saferin was so respectful and attentive throughout the process, really taking the time to listen and address my concerns. You won't find a more genuine, professional dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Saferin.
Dana Segall
Dana S.
I went to Dr. Best as a new patient after previously going to the same dentist for about 12 years where I used to live. She and her staff were very attentive and personable. Dr. Best is very knowledgeable. I felt really relaxed and taken care of while I was there. Looking forward to my next cleaning there!
Helen Jones
Helen J.
Just like her name, Dr. Best is the best! Due to the work that she's done, my mouth is now pain free. She is very concerned about her patients Love her!
Hands down the best dentist and staff I have ever had. The dentist office experience will never be the same!
Dr Best is truly "the Best" she made me feel so comfortable and I learned so much as well. I only wish I knew about her several years ago!
I'm very nervous when I go to the dentist !!!! I went as a new patient to Dr Best office when you walk into her practice her staff welcomes you... they so nice they gave me a very nice welcome gift to there office. I had an exam and cleaning done. Dr Best is so friendly and gentle and calm me with aroma therapy that she offers to her patients while she takes care off you. The technology in her office is unbelievable. Digital camera xray. I notice that Dr Best cares about the safety off her patients. I love been a patient there.
Dirk Kann
Dirk K.
Dr. Best is the Best! Her kind and gentle "dentist chair manner" makes it a pleasure to visit, for any dental reason! Her office is peaceful, soothing and tranquil. Very Spa-like. I have enjoyed being a patient of hers for the past 6 years and her dental expertise is unsurpassed!
What can I say? Excellent care, awesome results and caring staff! I am afraid of the dentist but her office atmosphere and special services like warm blanket to help me feel safe truly make it the best,safest setting possible. All that and great dental care!!! They are the BEST!!!!
Laura Mucci
Laura M.
Richard S
Richard S
Very nice people and friendly. Great patient care. Relaxed atmosphere. Genuinely cares about your well being.
Great staff, and Dr. Best is the best. Highly recommend. If you're looking for a dentist or looking to find a new dentist, this is the place to go.
Russell Wilson
Russell W.
Dr Best makes going to the dentist fun. Actually looking forward to going back.
Junhan Zhang
Junhan Z.
I have a great experience with Dr.Best. I went to other dental clinic before and felt disappointed at them. They told me to do the deep cleaning but they even did not it measure my pockets. I came to see Dr. Best for consultation. She explained what the deep cleaning it’s in detail and asked me whether I am willing to do the X-Rey and pocket check. Today Dr. Best did a very professional cleaning and put a lot of effort to remove my stains. She measured my pocket and determined I don’t need to do the deep cleaning since my number is normal within the range. After removing some stains, it’s clearly that I don’t have cavities in those teeth. All staff are very helpful and courteous. Definitely will recommend to other people.
reasha miles
reasha M.
Dr. Best and her staff are the best!! The office atmosphere is calming and peaceful.
Maureen Carey
Maureen C.
Very professional,respectful. Office has a calming atmosphere.
Jack Lathrop
Jack L.
Cares about her patients and a comfortable dental experience!
It's like a spa for your teeth. Relaxing music, calming colors and a massage chair! Highly reccomend. It's totally worth the poking and prodding.
Kate Mitchell
Kate M.
Dr. Best and her staff are wonderful and personable. You never have to wait to be seen and the dental experience here is tranquil and more like a spa resort.
Eric Weissenstein
Eric W.
Convenient hours and I never have to wait more than a few minutes after I get there. The office is clean and quiet, and there's always free parking available in the lot out back. Good use of technology, including a computer screen above the dental chair where you can view your x-rays.
T Aitken
T A.
Excellent experience and a very friendly and professional staff.
Pamela Libby
Pamela L.
Dr. Best and her staff are the great - personable and professional! The office atmosphere is calming and spa like. Dr. Best has up-to-date equipment/technology that she uses to help prevent, identify and treat dental issues. Her travel stories are interesting and help you relax while in the chair. I continue to go to Dr. Best even though I no longer live in CT. Dr. Best is an excellent dentist!
Leah Stroman
Leah S.
I love Dr. Best! She's been my dentist for over 20 years and I recommend to any and all looking for top notch dental care.
Laura Reale-Foley
Laura R.
I love the whole team, and the cool masks you can get to ease the stress! Too good to be true!
Sarah Schoffstall
Sarah S.
Dr. Best creates a wonderfully comfortable, accommodating atmosphere in her practice and her dental care is outstanding. I highly recommend her to anyone who is new to the area and is looking for a place to call their 'dental home!'
Tamica Castella
Tamica C.
Dr. Best and her staffs are amazing. They are up front with procedures and expenses with no surprise bills. Friendly and comfortable services 👌🏾
Doctor Best has been my dentist for close to 30 years. She has become a friend and I trust her implicitly with caring for my teeth. I don’t believe you could find a better dentist anywhere.
Carla Case
Carla C.
I always feel at ease and relaxed. Dr. Best is very friendly and knowledgeable. I actually enjoy going to the dentist!
Stacy Schleif
Stacy S.
Dr. Best & her staff are always cheery & welcoming, and do an excellent job caring for my teeth. I'm always impressed by their attention to detail, both in my mouth and otherwise. We even received a congratulatory call from Dr. Best right around the time our newest addition was born! I'd highly recommend her practice for professional & personalized service.
Ben Kirby
Ben K.
Dr. Best is one of the best dentists I have ever visited. She goes the extra mile for her patients and has all the modern technology. Highly recommend her.
Lavell Thompson
Lavell T.
Attentive, relaxing - I actually look forward to going to the Dentist with Best Smiles!
Diane Massey
Diane M.
Dr. Best goes out of her way to insure your comfort, especially if you suffer from "dental anxiety" like I do. She reassures me with every move she makes, explains why something is being done and takes care to carefully diagnose problems. Recently I needed a root canal and she offered a referral that turned out to be a great experience. All around, Dr Best, is the BEST dentist I've had in years, if not decades.
Eileen Reardon
Eileen R.
Dr. Best and her staff are very professional and always make you feel relaxed no matter what procedure is being done.
Jessica Feliciano
Jessica F.
I've been seeing Dr. Best since I was a child, along with my family. Through the years she has always sought to make the visit experience as comfortable as possible. Her current office space provides a sense of instant relaxation as soon as you walk through the doors with soothing music and beautiful waiting area. Her attention to detail on providing a comfortable and personalized experience shines through in her creative "comfort menu," where you can select from various options to help make your experience more enjoyable. I chose the lavender scented neck pillow to enjoy during my visit 😊 Dr. Best makes you feel comfortable and explains clearly any dental issues that arise. She always stays informed and uses up to date treatments to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy smile! I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Best to anyone seeking enjoyable and thorough dental care!
Morgan Shearin
Morgan S.
Dr. Best and her staff create a relaxing atmosphere. They are so caring and hospitable. They send convenient, friendly reminders for appointments, that make it hard to forget when you have one. It is obvious that they are are truly thankful for their patients, and they show it many ways. Definitely the ~best~ dentist 🙂
Every time I go to Dr. Best I always leave with a nice clean feeling
Joe Griffin
Joe G.
Dr. Best is the Best! From the awesome offices to the personal care, your dentist experience will never be the same. Give her a try!
James Neskie
James N.
I am so glad I found Dr. Best! After moving from D.C. where I was the patient of a top-ten ranked dentist, I had high expectations of finding someone comparable. Dr. Best is not only comparable, but exceeds the care I've received in the past. She provides a welcoming environment with an office that is more reminiscent of a spa - right down to a "comforts" menu. I've never had a bad or painful experience and Dr. Best pays great attention to detail. My first appointment with her, she noticed a stain on a visible filling that had been bothering me for years. Dr. Best said "You know, I can fix that" and I walked out with a better smile that day. Thanks Dr. Best!
Virginia Feliciano
Virginia F.
I have been a patient of Dr. Best for over 20 years and I would not have it any other way! She is the "Best" dentist I've ever known. She is very professional and caring and when you visit her office it feels more like a home, very welcoming and such a soothing and calm environment. She always takes that extra time to make sure all your needs are met! Thank you Dr. Best for all the years of Excellent Service! -Virginia Feliciano
Sarah Parsons
Sarah P.
Excellent dental service !
Erika Tapper
Erika T.
Dr. Best is the best! I have been a patient of hers my whole life and I have always had a wonderful time with her. The addition of the comfort menu is a great feature now! The wait times are never bad and she is quick to respond if you need an emergency visit.
Abbie Shimer
Abbie S.
Dr. Best is always so pleasant and kind! I really love how she explains what she's doing in detail so I can follow along and nothing unexpected comes about.
Very gentle, excellent dentist, always upbeat, lovely serene office-- Dr. Best IS The Best!!
Carlos Mouta
Carlos M.
There are excellent, both of my daughters came here from when they were 9 to 18 years old.
Roger Desravines Jr
Roger Desravines J.
Been going to Best Smiles for 2-3 year now . I have switch jobs 3 times and i also make sure Best Smiles is within network. Dr .Best is friendly, gentle and very informative . Her assistant is awesome also . They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable regardless of what you are there for . I went in today and the had like a menu with things that can help make you more comfortable like a warm blanket with would be idea for a young child . I recommended my girlfriend to Best Smiles and she loved it . That Speaks volume because she was a surgical assistant for a Dental office herself .The place is clean, warm, & friendly. They also have free wifi which is a plus, just in case you come in early . I also like the fact that she has a beautiful smile herself . I wouldn't want a Dentist with bad teeth telling me how to take care of my teeth . But don't take my word for it ( you really should ) stop in for a visit yourself
I've been going to Dr. Jeane Best for years...she's a wonderful, thorough, "no pain" Dentist in West Hartford! Plus she always has time to fit you in if a problem arises. Her office is conveniently located close to the Center of West Hartford too. If you are looking for a Dentist I'm sure you will find Dr. Best a breath of fresh air.....and her office is so beautiful too.... an added plus to make you feel relaxed in a sometimes anxious atmosphere.
Josh Pierce
Josh P.
The best dentist in the area
Jeff Macary
Jeff M.
I have been to a number of dentists over the years, but Dr. Best's practice has been by far my favorite. I used to dread dentist appointments, but now it's no more worrying than any other appointment or errand. Dr. Best and her staff have the winning combination of warmth, friendliness and competence in their craft that is hard to find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a new dentist, or it's simply been a little too long since your last checkup or cleaning, give Dr. Best a try and I'm certain you'll feel the same.
Dr. Best is a wonderful, kind Dentist that cares about her patients and treats them with kindness and respect.
What a great find! Dr. Best and her front staff are amazing, friendly, and welcoming!
Nicole White
Nicole W.
The best dentist ever!!! Not only does she have an amazing personality and extremely out of her way sweet. Dr. Best takes her time and goes out of her way to answer any questions and personalize your care. Since I switch to her my family members followed soon after.
Larry Williams
Larry W.
Dr. Best has been my dentist for 28 years, during which time about half my teeth have been crowned, one was extracted and three were replaced by implants. So I've been in her chair a lot. Her patience and sense of humor have made visits to her office as enjoyable as going to the dentist can be. And her work is impeccable. Highly recommended.
Pat Calnen
Pat C.
I was referred to Dr.Best over 20 years ago and eventually my husband, both my sons and my sister have become patients of hers. I've recommended her to many others and have invited her to come into my office as part of a marketing effort she was trying. In case you can't tell, I am a big fan of Dr.Best's and mighty pleased to let people know that. My sister has an intellectual disability and over the years has required some extensive dental work. Dr.Best has always been very caring and understanding of the patience needed to work with my sister, who looks forward to our visits to the office without any hesitation. One son, who now lives in southern CT,still comes to West Hartford to have Dr.Best take care of him. These are my reasons for strongly endorsing Dr.Best,her staff and the professionalism she consistently demonstrates.
Ron Carroll
Ron C.
I have been a patient of Dr. Best for many years. She has always been a caringand professional dentist. She takes pride in her practice and her staff. It is very difficult in this day and age to find dependable professionals. I very happy she isone of them.
Susie Hays
Susie H.
Jeane has been my dentist since I moved to the Hartford area 30 years ago and I have been happy as clam with her services. When people tell me they are afraid of their dentist, I don't understand why - and then suggest that they might want to try Jeane. Her office is lovely, calming and easy to get to. Her staff could not be friendlier and the care she gives is exemplary. The thing I like best about seeing Jeane is that you actually see Jeane - not a dental hygienist who does all the work with the dentist popping in to say "hi." It may be a little more expensive than the dental mill offices (and I don't know that it is as I have never gone to one) but the personal service and care a patient receives is definitely worth what you pay.
Jessica Brogan
Jessica B.
Best dentist ever!!!!
Nhan N
Nhan N
The best dental office I've ever been to and the only one I'll ever go to again. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are at a resort spa. Dr. Best explains every procedure that needs to be done in a way you can understand and genuine cares about you and your entire oral hygiene.
One of the highlights of 2014 for me was finding Dr Best as a dentist. My wife and I been searching a good dentist ever since I moved to CT. She is by far the best. She is very thorough, professional is not afraid to inform you of what needs to be done. She explains it in a way that is informative and non-conscending. There is no other dentist I will go to as long as I'm in CT.
I started going to Dr Best in 2012 when she saved a tooth that my previous dentist told me would need to be pulled. Now 2 years later, that tooth is still fine. Going to Dr Best's office is like going to a first class spa, beautiful, relaxing, calming. Dr Best not only provides excellent dental care she takes the time to get to know her patients and their dental needs personally. One way she does this is by personally providing preventative services rather than having this done by an assistant. She is warm, supportive and highly skilled. She is clearly the best dentist that I have ever had. I recommend her highly!
Dr. Best is an excellent dentist. Her office is first class, and she does a great job of putting her patients at ease. She always takes the time to explain to me exactly what she is doing. I have been going to Dr. Best for over 10 years, and I would recommend her to anyone!
My husband and I have loved going to Dr. Best since we moved to West Hartford in 2010. She is very helpful and compassionate and runs a very organized and clean office. I would definitely recommend her!
I thank Dr. Best for recommending the Silent Night mouth appliance to my husband -- his snoring has stopped and he gets a better, more restful sleep (once he got used to it) - I think he would recommend this appliance to anyone who is having snoring issues.
Best dentist in the Hartford area. The office is tranquil and Dr. Best is incredible at her job.